Thursday, 9 February 2017

Viral Nightmares

I have been suffering from a virus and one of the effects has been nightmares. This nightmare morning was typical even though it did not involve wandering round a vast hotel trying to remember the room number or successively losing three cameras in the loose rigging of a boat driving through the streets:

The Times was again pushing without comment or criticism some publicity-seeking American medic’s book on diet and health. I hurled it across the room. I started to read a scientific papers online but after seeing two with the phrases ‘in animals and humans’ and ‘by using the zebrafish as the model’, I pushed the mouse away in disgust. Then came the lunchtime BBC news with its emoting newsreaders and reporters being even more gut-crunchingly sickbaggy than usual. Cushions were hurled at the television. But I was running out of ammunition and the Scottish news (known for inducing seething rage) had not even started. Some so-called American businessman was reported as saying something stupid on something called Twitter (now apparently the main source of news stories for the BBC). Desperate times. I couldn’t find the remote control and had no cushions left. I lurched from the chair to find that I was awake. My morning had been only too real.