Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Giant Giant Salamander in Today's South China Morning Post

My Hong Kong correspondent sent me a snippet (as a follow up to my post of 17 December 2014from today's South China Morning Post (70 years and two days since the first issue was printed after the Japanese capitulation and as the interned British officials took control and issued a first communique at 11 am: Rear-Admiral Harcourt is lying outside Hong Kong with a very strong fleet...) 

Meet Han Han, the 40 kg giant salamander

SICHUAN — Photos have surfaced of a Chinese giant salamander weighing up to 40kg and measuring about 1.5 metres in length in Yibin, local media report.
     The salamander, named Han Han, is 23 and belongs to a man, surnamed Feng, who owns a salamander breeding farm, the West China City Daily, reports.
     According to Feng, Han Han has been given the all-round VIP treatment so it can continue to grow, including giving it wild fish to eat and housing it in a pool built into a natural cave.